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The Oxford Group follow ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ to embrace responsibility for corporate actions and to encourage a positive impact on the environment and stake holders including consumers, clients, employees, investors, communities & others.

We follow the ideology that defines ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ as a company’s sense of responsibility towards the community and environment (both ecological and social) in which it operates.

Be it Oxford One Earth Supporting ‘Habitat for Humanity’ for social development in the form of developing a sanitation program where part of the proceeds from sale of apartments are used to build household latrines or facilitate construction of sanitation units in villages, areas where most required.

Be it O Hotel (an Oxford Group Company) sponsoring and supporting initiatives carried on by ‘Prashanti Breast Cancer - NGO’ ngo to provide awareness of Breast Cancer through events, supporting charity marathons, auctions, talks, internal employees talks etc touching a subject which is commonly forgotten now days.

Be it Oxford Golf Resort sponsoring and supporting charity events and ngo functions such as the ‘Prashanti Breast Cancer - NGO Awareness Run’ or the ‘Lakshya Event' for amateur sport athletes.

We at Oxford implement CSR within human resources, businesses development, public relations and various other departments within the organisation with direct event association reporting to the board of directors who clearly define CSR activities.

We at Oxford often implement an engagement plan related to CSR where group employees take part in such initiatives demonstrating commitment towards the same.